Product 1: Cushions

Ecological, natural and sustainable material, such as cotton, sheep's wool, or alpaca fiber. Made on a loom and beautifully embroidered by hand or exquisitely woven in an ancestral technique such as macrame.

Product 2: Wall tapestry

Of various shapes and sizes, tailored to the space that the client wishes to decorate, achieving unique designs with incredible textures and colors, intertwining knots, lives and experiences.

Product 3: Macrame and Macraweave tapestry

Large mural tapestry, inspired by nature, the different layers and soils of the earth's surface, the waves of the ocean, and the beautiful underwater landscape formed by coral reefs, thus achieving incredible organic forms that give life and beauty to your spaces.

Product 4: Tablecloths & Table Paths

We managed to transform the most transient family space of the home into an incredible environment to meet and be; using the millenary technique of macrame in cotton fiber.

Product 5: Decorative Woven Dolls

Woven in sheep's wool and made by the peasant communities of the highlands of Peru.

Product 6: Carpets And Rugs

Knitted in macrame or crochet, in cotton or in rope of all colors and styles.

Product 7: Puffs Covers

Knitted in macrame or crochet, in cotton or in rope of all colors and styles.

Product 8: Traditional and Modern Ceramics

Traditional and modern ceramics made by artisans from the north of the country with designs that reflect our cultural richness and unique styles.


How do I contract your services?

You can communicate directly with us via email and coordinate with one of our advisors who will guide you with the steps to follow, or directly to our WhatsApp that appears in our "CONTACT" section of the main menu.

How long do they have a track record?

We have more than 20 years of experience in the textile sector, both national and international clients, allows us to guide you in your new project.

How much is the MOQ?

The minimum order is 10 units, except for large mural projects, that due to its dimensions it is allowed that the order is from a unit.

How long does it take to develop a sample?

Always focused on the highest quality and management of your project we look for the best for you, that is why for our sample development we have an approximate estimate of 15 to 20 business days, however, for smaller-scale projects the times will be significantly shorter.