About Us

Family business established in 2020

At Kullki Studio we want to continue and preserve the ancestral legacy of our origins, the handmade fabric formed by knots that is seen in various cultures of antiquity and dating from 2300 BC. and in our case the Quipus; accounting and information storage system of our pre-Inca cultures.

This is how we create unique pieces with natural, organic and sustainable materials, where textile art is the protagonist in contemporary urban spaces. We design and elaborate each project with great enthusiasm and passion, paying attention to detail and combining our vision of nature with the wishes and expectations of our customers.

Welcome to our space.

Rosario, Bruno & team


Create harmonious spaces with visually beautiful pieces that contribute to well-being and relaxation.


Preserve traditional and ancestral techniques by combining natural elements with the latest trends in international design, to become the maximum representatives of this art in the country.


The values that represent us as a company are: commitment, transparency, passion, tradition and innovation.